A Beginner’s Guide to Working out at Home with Rachael Sacerdoti


With one in five of us choosing to cancel gym memberships, opting for at-home workouts instead, leading PT & Wellness Coach Rachael Sacerdoti presents her beginner’s guide to working out from home.

We all know working out is a great way to stay fit and healthy, but with limited space at home, lack of motivation, and uncertainty as to what equipment to invest in, it can feel overwhelming to know where to start. Thankfully, Rachael is on hand with her top tips to help you on your way.

Working out at home

Working out at home is not only convenient and cost-effective, but it also allows you to customise your workouts to suit your needs, making it easier to create a sustainable lifestyle,” says Rachael Sacerdoti, founder of wellness programme It’s So Simple.

Whether you’re just embarking on your fitness journey or transitioning from the gym to an at-home routine, read on for Rachael’s expert advice. 

  1. Big changes can happen in small spaces. You only need enough space to roll out an exercise mat in both directions, with room to freely implement a jumping jack without touching any items of furniture.
  2. Create calm in the chaos. Although tempting, I do not recommend exercising in front of the television, rather think of this time as your own personal meditation away from any type of distraction. If you have kids, ensure they won’t come in and interrupt your workout too.
  3. Feel good fitness kit. Choose a fitness outfit that not only fits properly and is designed for the task at hand, but also boosts your mood. If you feel good in what you wear, you will be more motivated and likely to embrace your new routine. 
  4. The only weights a girl needs. Investing in a pair of dumbbells (a set if you have the extra space) or a kettlebell can significantly enhance your home workout. Adding weights to your workout will instantly increase the intensity, help build and strengthen your muscles, and get your blood flowing. 
  5. Join the resistance. Resistance bands are brilliant as they are compact making them easy to store and can be used for a variety of exercises from stretches to squats.
  6. Mirror, Mirror, on the wall. Purchase a full-length mirror to perfect your form. There is a reason why the gym walls are covered in mirrors, and while I am not saying you should kit out your space like a dance studio, having one large mirror is recommended.
  7. Mojo matters. We all need a ‘trigger’ that motivates us to work out. Whether it’s a playlist you like to listen to, joining a virtual class, or finding a friend who will work out with you – find something or someone to prompt you and get ready for your workout.
  8. Turn it up. A quality speaker and playlist are essential. There is nothing quite like music to get you in the right frame of mind and inspire you to finish a workout. Consider building your own playlist ahead of time, or borrow one of mine on Spotify!
  9. Just do it. Unlike your gym, there is no schedule for classes, so you just need to get moving. Enjoy your time and keep your routine varied and fun.

Offering a plethora of free workouts on her IG channel, Rachael provides invaluable insight for those who need a helping hand and anyone looking to make achievable and sustainable lifestyle changes.

For exercise routines, recipes, tips and more please visit https://www.instagram.com/itssosimple_rs/


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