Fashion trends for men’s suits 


Are you in the market for a men’s new suit?

With so many different options to choose from, it can be difficult to know what to look for and where to invest your money. The following article will take you through some tips for picking your next suit.


The fit of a suit really alters its overall appearance. You will first need to choose between a relaxed, skinny, or regular fit. This will depend on both your preference and the occasions for which you intend to wear the suit. For example, a relaxed fit is more appropriate if the suit is for special occasions, whereas a regular or skinny fit is more formal and better suited if you wear a suit to work. If you aren’t sure what to go for, opt for a regular fit.

Wearing an ill-fitting suit can appear not put together, so it is important to choose a suit that fits you well. Depending on your height, it might be best to buy either short or tall sizing to make sure it is the correct length. 

Colour/ pattern

Not only do you have a wide selection of fits to choose from, but there is an even wider range of colours and patterns to consider too. 

If this is your first suit, it is wise to invest in something relatively neutral. Opting for something black or navy is very versatile, perfect as a starter suit, or if you intend on wearing the suit for various occasions such as work and social occasions.

Once you have a dark suit, you could then purchase something in lighter in both fabric and colour, such as beige linen, more suitable for warmer months. Being able to alternate between suits across different seasons means your suits will last longer, and you’ll be more comfortable whilst wearing them too as they are more seasonally appropriate. 

If you already own several suits, you might consider buying something more unique. This could be anything from checked to pinstripe or even tweed. Bear in mind that these suits aren’t fitting for all occasions and as more of a statement can be worn far less often than more plain options. Therefore, you shouldn’t purchase this type of suit unless you have something more adaptable in your wardrobe already. 


When it comes to choosing and styling a suit, this goes far beyond the suit itself. The way you accessorise your suit can completely change the overall look of your outfit. Utilising various accessories can really elevate the look while making it far more personal to your unique style.

When it comes to accessorising, make sure to apply quality over quantity. It is best to build up a collection of pieces over time that can be worn with any suit. This could include a timeless luxury watch or a smart tie pin. Incorporating these into your look can help you stand out and takes your outfit up a level.

Once you have built up a collection of versatile pieces, you could then consider branching out and buying a few more statement pieces. 


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