Which Meal Replacement Shake Reigns Supreme?


Huel vs. Ka’Chava

The fast pacing of daily life has altered many lifestyles and led to many fascinating changes—one of these fascinating changes in how we consume nutrients for daily living. Since every day can get hectic fast, some people have adopted a consume-and-run mindset. Speaking of consume-and-run, meal replacement shakes are grabbing quite the attention due to this style of living.

These formulated drinks come in a variety of ingredients. However, the goal is the same; to nourish your body in a quick and snappy manner. In this article, we’ll spotlight two big names among all meal replacement shakes – Huel and Ka’Chava. Which one is the better one? Let’s find out!

What are Meal Replacement Shakes?

Before we head over to the focus of this article, let’s brief you on a meal replacement shake. Meal replacement shakes are made to replace any of the three daily meals. Often, they are packed with nutrients but have low calories. They are made for people who want to lose weight.

With that said, it’s time to know which of the two shakes is better. Huel vs Kachava? Which has more perks than the other?

May the Better Shake Win!

This section will cover the two contending brands – Huel and Ka’Chava. Which one of the  two is better? Which is more packed with nutrients? Let’s find out and cover each brand separately!

  1. Ka’Chava
  • To give you an overview of the Ka’Chava brand of meal replacement shake. They’re a superfood meal replacement brand. They are inclined toward people who want a meal replacement that will give them a boost for their daily lives.
  • Ka’Chava has a very positive reputation among its consumers. It emphasizes the idea of combining many superfoods. According to many reviews, people
  • Here are the perks of consuming Kachava’s meal replacement shakes:
    • Packed with a lot of nutrients. It is very handy for people who need help with certain nutrients they’re deficient in. Many folks also enjoy it for the huge energy boost it gives.
    • The meal replacement shakes they offer also have low calories. It’s an attractive option for people who want to lose weight.
    • Their meal replacement shakes significantly boosts your energy to sky-high levels. That’s a lot of extra push to ensure you finish your work or daily tasks. It’s no wonder why it’s gaining a lot of popularity!
    • In terms of flavors, Kachava has only two flavors. There’s vanilla and chocolate. The latter flavor is more popular among consumers.
    • Kachava tends to be the more natural-made meal replacement shake of the two. Many of their meal replacement shakes are made out of organic ingredients.
    • For those who are very conscious about what they eat, don’t worry. Kachava products are vegan-friendly. They’re also non-GMO, soy-free, and gluten-free. Their products don’t use artificial sweeteners at all.
  1. Huel
  • Huel is also a meal replacement brand that provides these shakes. The difference is that Huel emphasizes higher proteins and specific nutrients. Their meal replacement shakes are meant for use in building up muscle. If you work out a lot or are an athlete, then Huel is your go-to choice.
  • Here are the perks of consuming Huel’s meal replacement shakes:
    • Packed with a lot of protein and muscle-building nutrients. Very suited for bodybuilders and athletes. The nutrients present also contribute to muscle reconstruction to prevent straining.
    • Not as nutrient-pacava. Again, it’s because their products are better suited to bodybuilders and athletes.
    • In terms of ingredients, Huel is a mixed bag. Some of their ingredients are organic, but some are artificial in nature. It also has artificial sweeteners.
    • Taste-wise, Huel is a bit of an acquired taste. The flavor profile might not suit everyone.
    • In terms of flavor variety, Huel has plenty more that it can offer compared to Kachava. Their flavor boost packets range from vanilla to various fruit flavors like strawberry. They even have peanut butter and pumpkin spice flavors too! These flavor boost packets are used on the flavorless base version.

To wrap this section up, both meal replacement shakes have their own targeted audience. Kachava tends to be better suited for general consumption and people who like to lose weight. Huel is more suited to sporty types due to its high protein and muscle-building content.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, meal replacement shakes are a convenient option for those who want to replace their daily meals with a nutrient-packed alternative. In this article, we’ve compared two popular brands, Ka’Chava and Huel.

Ka’Chava is a superfood meal replacement brand that combines many superfoods and provides a huge energy boost. Their shakes have low calories, are made from organic ingredients, and are vegan-friendly, non-GMO, soy-free, and gluten-free. On the other hand, Huel emphasizes higher proteins and specific nutrients for building muscle, making it more suitable for bodybuilders and athletes. Huel’s shakes have a wider variety of flavors, including fruit flavors and even peanut butter and pumpkin spice, but some of their ingredients are artificial.


  1. Is Meal Replacement Shakes useful in the long run?
  • They are more of a short-term benefit. Sure, you can consume them for months, but nothing beats a well-prepared healthy meal that you made. At least swap out two meals of the day for meal replacement shakes, and one is an actual meal.
  • After around three months, you would want more meals than a meal replacement shake. Keeping your calorie count too low in the long run can result in fatigue and slow metabolism.
  1. Can I Take Any Meal Replacement Shakes?
  • You’d want to consult your doctor first on that. Meal replacement shakes have a variety of ingredients. You’d want to check if they have any ingredients that could cause adverse reactions such as an allergy.
  • On an additional note – you’d want to consume a meal replacement shake if you’re deficient in certain nutrients. There’s still a little bit of research needed first so you can get the one that fits you.
  1. What to Look for a Good Meal Replacement Shake?
  • The most defining trait that you need to look for in meal replacement shakes is the calorie content. Most meal replacement shakes have calories that don’t exceed 400g. As long the calories don’t exceed that threshold, it’s a decent choice, especially if you want to lose weight.


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