Day: April 30, 2023


How technology is helping people with severe brain injuries

[ad_1] Damage to the brain can have significant consequences all around the body. Traumatic brain injuries occur when someone experiences a forceful impact on the head, but just as much damage can be done by non-traumatic events such as strokes and aneurysms. Any kind of brain injury can disrupt cognitive function, as well as inflict […]

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Always a good hair day with Good Gracious

[ad_1] Introducing the launch of NEW haircare brand, Good Gracious. With three options in both a shampoo and conditioner as well as the Crown of Glory repair mask, this 97% natural, vegan friendly brand has all your hair needs covered. Meet the team that’s going to give you a good hair day, every day. The […]

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PUMA x Modibodi® Active Classic Briefs – Wellbeing Magazine

[ad_1] We were recently sent a pair of the new PUMA x Modibodi® Active Classic Briefs to put them through their paces. We loved the idea thay could offer athletes a new future in sportswear, making it more comfortable to bleed, whatever uniform they play in. Although I am already converted to the period pants option, I usually […]

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