Real Talk: A New Approach for Men’s Mental Fitness 


For most people life is like a rollercoaster, with thrilling highs and some pretty devastating lows. It’s only when you go through these types of major transitions that you’re forced to question who you are and why you think the way you do. 

The concept of ‘mental fitness’ is one that high performance leadership coach and behavioural science consultant Chinazom Sunny Nwabueze has been fascinated by for years, particularly the impact on men. Statistics suggest that 1 in 8 men suffer from a mental health problem and research by The Priory revealed that 40% of men have never spoken to anyone about their mental health concerns.

Chinazom has experienced a number of significant transitions in his life, including leaving a 20 year career in investment banking to become a performance psychologist, relocating from the UK to the US and becoming a father for the first time during the pandemic. 

Having discussed mental fitness at length with clients, mentees, friends, family members, Chinazom combines his observations with extensive research and professional training in his new book, Real Talk: A New Approach for Men’s Mental Fitness and Wellbeing. In it he shares critical insights gained from coaching and pairs it with solid data and impactful storytelling. 

Real Talk

Real Talk is not your typical nonfiction book that promises to reveal the ‘secret sauce’ to mental fitness. Chinazom is not a ‘guru’ nor does he want to preach;  he is very aware his own mental fitness journey is still evolving. 

Instead, this book contains a series of fictional short stories based on real-life events that take place with normal, average, everyday people navigating their own journeys to mental fitness. 

Real Talk explores the idea that people, especially men, need to drop the facade that everything is fine, and actually talk through their issues. Chinazom argues that men need to ask better questions of those they are closest to.

“I’ve chosen to share what I’ve learned in this engaging way because these stories bring you alongside the characters in meaningful and relatable ways. It’s a really effective way to reflect on the practical, actionable and tested insights contained within each chapter,” explains Chinazom.

Written as a mind opener for any man, or woman with a man in her life, who wants to discover their own mental fitness power. Chinazom remains a firm believer that mental fitness needs to be discovered and then practiced.

Each section includes “Mind-Flexes” designed to help the reader practice the lessons contained within, providing bite-size mental fitness reminders that can be immediately implemented in everyday life. 

“I wrote this book to show you what’s possible when you prioritise your mental fitness. I want to change that script because when I look at my son and my new baby daughter, I want to model strong mental fitness and mindful wellbeing to them so they can pass it on to later generations,” he adds. 

Real Talk is priced at £12.99 and is available now to order from Amazon


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