Kaytea Leads The Iced Tea Charge


With A New White Peach and A Re-energised Sparkling Rosay

Hot on the heels of its NEW game-changing Sainsbury’s, Deliveroo, M&S, Zapp & Spinneys listings, Kaytea coldbrew teas drinks is fulfilling its 2023 pledge to not only keep innovating but move 100% from glass to aluminium. 

June 23 will see the arrival of a NEW flavour:

  • WHITE PEACH (new): Showcasing green tea’s unheralded prowess as the perfect light yet refreshing setting for white peach to prosper.  

N.B. Did you know white peach is more delicate than yellow peach & goes better with our sublime cold brewed green tea.

  • SPARKLING ROSAY (repackage): There’s also aTASTEFUL repackageforSparkling Rosay, quite possibly the most sophisticated iced tea within the Kaytea stable!  Inspired by the unique flavour profile of a well-balanced Rose; Rosay is a 95% rose tea infusion that combines with pink guava and cherry, apple, radish and sweet potato concentrate to create an effortlessly effervescent iced tea.

According to Kaytea founder, Kevin Tang, ‘Having underpinned our reputation as a perfect ‘soft drink that can pair with delicate foods (tie-ups with Sainsbury’s & M&S’s sushi counters), we’ve now backing our urban listings with a move from glass to aluminium which is better suited to more urban focused retailers like Zapp, WeWork & Deliveroo.

Kaytea is a leading voice in the UK’s growing iced tea movement that is predicted to exceed £285m by 2024.  For all kombucha’s chiller cabinet momentum the fact remains that functional drinks are not everyone’s cup of tea.

According to Kevin, ‘I realised long ago that there’s a significant void in the soft drinks aisle that resides between bland sugary pop and overtly worthy functional brews.  Our primary focus has always been our tea prowess, which is why we visited over 250 tea estates to unearth the best providers of quality teas (black, white & green).  Yes, we could have easily added blends of lab made vitamins & minerals to claim some arbitrary health claims but that seemed counter-intuitive to our quest to be known for best-in-class, organic ingredients.’

White Peach & Sparkling Rosay move to striking slimline cans will broaden Kaytea’s reach and extend its appeal among airlines, catering, vending & festival operators.


Both 330ml lines will retail £1.60-£1.80 a can


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