Using a Lay-Z-Spa hot tub reduces anxiety


Using a Lay-Z-Spa hot tub reduces anxiety by 10% reveals scientific research by Coventry University

  • Salivary cortisol dropped by 22% following immersion in the Lay-Z-Spa
  • Following immersion, blood flow to the leg increased by 345% on average which is similar to the effects of a 30-minute jog
  • The study indicates that there are significant mental and physical health benefits from using a Lay-Z-Spa

April 2023: New scientific research reveals that using a Lay-Z-Spa reduces anxiety by 10.3%. The independent research conducted by Coventry University also found that using a Lay-Z-Spa has some of the same health benefits as a 30-minute jog.

The researchers measured heart rate, blood pressure, blood flow, anxiety, salivary cortisol, mood, thermal perception and a follow-up questionnaire. Three 30-minute sessions in a Lay-Z-Spa Majorca were completed on separate days.

Researchers revealed that on average salivary cortisol dropped by 22% following immersion in the Lay-Z-Spa. Cortisol is an indicator of stress, with continuous high levels leading to long-term health conditions. One in 10 Brits lives with anxiety at any one time, suggesting the significant impact using a Lay-Z-Spa could have. Most of the research participants were classified as having low anxiety, signifying that the results could have been even greater if conducted on those with higher anxiety levels.

The ground-breaking product-specific study also found that using a Lay-Z-Spa had significant cardiovascular benefits. Following immersion, blood flow to the legs increased by 345% on average which is similar to the effects of a 30-minute jog. Heart rate also increased by 31 BPM on average, the same as a 30-minute brisk walk. The maintained water temperature was found to be key to the beneficial results. The heating system on the Lay-Z-Spa models allows for a constantly maintained temperature.

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death globally. Medical interventions are costly and intrusive. The Coventry University researchers believe that regularly using a Lay-Z-Spa could be a positive lifestyle change that could improve physical and mental health, including for those living sedentary lives due to health conditions. 

The research was led by Dr Tom Cullen, Assistant Professor of Research, Research Centre for Sport, Exercise and Life Sciences at Coventry University. 

Dr Tom Cullen commented: “In modern society, many people are unfortunately leading highly stressed and physically inactive lifestyles which can result in poor health outcomes and increase the likelihood of cardiovascular disease. As a researcher, I am interested in exploring ways to improve people’s lives through lifestyle modifications. Many typical modifications such as exercise, dieting and quitting smoking are often difficult for many people to maintain for a variety of reasons. Regularly using a Lay-Z-Spa however offers an excellent way of providing a lifestyle modification that has many health benefits, but crucially, is something which people enjoy doing.”

Over two-thirds (65%) of test participants shared they would use a hot tub in their homes multiple times per week. Customers can purchase a Lay-Z-Spa and pay in monthly instalments over the next 12 or 24 months with 0% interest – see further details here.

The full research study can be found here.


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